Teens write history: young continentals go global

Rotterdam-: Early nineties, more and more teenagers got inspired by the concerts of The Continentals and wanted to do audition and participate. But to go with Continentals on tour you need to be 16…..As the questions from teenagers were growing rapidly the USA-office and the European-office decided to unite forces and create the Young Continentals for the age 13-16 years. After solid preparations, searching for great teenage-music, special youth choreography, and total new stage set-ups: in 1992 the first groups were launched in the USA (Cam Floria) and Europe(Leen La Riviere). This was immediately a great success: Young Continentals were born…

Today there are several Young Continental groups in action in Europe and elsewhere. They have released 20 CD’s, done over 2500 concerts special for youth and reached over 750.000(!) visitors. Additional: several other language versions were recorded(like in french,german, slowak).

Young continentals shape a new future

Young Continentals are probably the inventors of the “youth-performance-concept”: select the talented and highly motivated ‘kids’….unite leading choreographers, producers, songwriters in the field of pop, rock, rap, hiphop, ballads and create each year a great new show that combines sound, light, the best of youth music, great inspiration, christian values with travel-experience and meeting their own generation, sharing that there is more to life as ‘Idols’, XTC or MTV. The success of this concept is enormous and youth-groups, churches, theatres like to have such a group of 30 young people to be motivators in their villages and cities.

And more...

EACH YEAR TOO: a NEW theme of the program of the Young Continentals , to explain that there is more to life and that there is a real higher purpose to life for youth as just being a consumer. Each year a CD with most of the songs of this strong program will be released in America, Asia and Europe in spring. (The themes can be found on www.continentalministries.orggo to page 2 click on button themes)